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Graphs/Specs for the Terrahorn

Graphs/specs for the Oblectroid

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Graph data:

1 cab on the floor, 2 cabs on the floor, 4
cabs on the floor = 8ohm ea with 1 watt @1m
The graph also shows it's possible to achieve 139dB spl @ 30Hz


1,600 watts should have 28hz L.R.
300 watts can have a 20hz xo point for special effects reaching
1 39dB @ 23hz with a useable frequency response - 10dB @ 23hz

Although these crossover points are deemed suitable with the correct power figures using pure sine waves, and a good gain structure, music which is heavy in sine wave type bass but with a clipping signal can still cause driver failure and care should always be taken to avoid letting crap dj's play on your horns.
Sub bass can cause severe feedback in worse case situations, this must be limited or it can cause voice coil overheating or over excursion if not properly dealt with.



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